Monday, June 12, 2006

Error : General network error. Check your network documentation.

SQL server 2000 throws General network error sometimes when I try to update values. The behavior is quite random (I m not even able to reproduce it. Only way, I know about this error is thru log file, as application is configured to log all the errors in a log file) Sometimes, It happens at one place and sometimes at the other. But the common thing is it always happens when I try to call fill for adapter object. I mean it works fine for executing stored procedures. I tried googling for the solution of the same and found a couple of suggestions to try. Like increasing command timeout, removing pool settings etc.

Only thing which seems to be working is removing pool settings from web.config (as I did not see that error occurring after this). but again that’s quite weird solution as I know that gonna directly impact the performance of the system. Can anyone suggest some better solution or at least the possible cause of the problem?

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