Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Right to Information Act, 2005

I was surfing net searching for something, the other day and by chance I came across document related to Right to Information Act (RTI) and when I read it, I found it quite interesting. I mean interesting in actually two senses.

One, to know how whole RTI system works. I mean knowing duties for public information officer, information commissioner and how we can exercise our rights for the information.

Secondly, as this was probably first of this kind of document, I was going through; I noticed how these kind of documents need to cover guidelines for each related aspect with deadlines:
a. Guidelines to govt. organization about how to organize things to provide information.
b. Necessary staff (officers, commissioners etc.) required
c. Situations in which request can be denied.
d. Public appeals against officers and penalty, in case officer are found to be guilty etc.
e. Different costs involved.
f. Guidelines about how Govt. should make people aware about this act and encourage them to exercise their rights.

If you would like to go through it, here is where I found it. This really sounds great!!! (I mean, at least on papers :))

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