Thursday, February 16, 2006

joining first company...

To start with, I would like to share a bit about me, my past experiences …n then in the coming post, i will move towards technical stuff, current happening in IT, and a lot other things..

I was having fun in my college life and I just could not know how time really passed away and I was in my final semester of my BTech, waiting for some companies to visit our campus. Actually, I knew some of my passed out seniors who were still waiting for good job. So, I was under impression that its gonna be very tough to get into the market place. Also, sometimes we friends get sentimental thinking about the fact that now we gonna be separate, making plans that anyhow we would be in continuous touch…. But IT market…it just started booming like anything & quite a few companies started visiting out campus. I was lucky enough to get selected in one of the good companies. (Actually, I think I m quite a lucky guy in every aspect J )

Luckily (again J), It was not just me who got selected, we were four room mates and all got selected in the same company…I was very happy that I would be joining a good company with my friend circle…and really I enjoyed it…it was really fun.
I joined my first company as a trainee and it was actually a batch of 90 people who joined as trainee on the same day. We had full day class room training. I could not even think that in the very beginning of my professional career, I would be playing games on company network. It was just like college atmosphere. Someone is providing us training and we are having fun on our computers (playing minesweeper, chatting using net send)

The company as such, it was good but it was a bit better to have fun rather than work. As far as enjoyment is concerned, I know...there is no such place (at least, till now I think so) but work culture was really not of that standard. Anyhow, I was enjoying there. And finally the day came, which is too common only for any software developers, switching job… (I mean, I don’t see other stream guy to switch their jobs too frequently). I joined new company..... this time leaving behind all of my room mates L

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