Monday, April 03, 2006

Puzzle - 2

Here comes another puzzle.

Card trick without the trick!!

This is a card trick without the trick. There is no sleight of hand, no tricks up my sleeve, no magic whatsoever. It’s all done with logic, yet it will amaze most people. Joel and I are working together as a team to do the trick. Babak will be the culprit.
I ask babak to pick 5 cards out of a deck. He can pick any five cards, he can shuffle the deck 7 times, and it really doesn't matter. He honestly picks out 5 cards that I cannot see. He hands the five cards to me (Joel can't see any of this). I look at the cards and I pick 1 card out and give it back to Babak. I then arrange the other four cards in a special way, and give those 4 cards all face down, and in a neat pile, to Joel. Joel looks at the 4 cards I gave him, and says out loud which card babak is holding
(Suit and number). I did not convey any information to Joel other than the way i ordered the 4 cards, (all face down, aligned in line with one another) so how did I encode babak's card using that method?

Solutions are welcomed. (plz don’t use google !!! )

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