Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Development Tools

SQL Intellisense tool available for free.
Here is the tool available for SQL which adds SQL intellisense capabilities in your Query Analyzer. This is really helpful as you no longer need to look for exact table names and column names while writing SQL queries (as we don’t remember whole lot of things for .net library and mostly rely on intellisense).

Re-Sharper Tool for Visual Studio
Re-Sharper integrates with Visual Studio IDE and provides a lot of features which includes..
1. Syntax and Error Handling
2. Error and Quick-Fixes and Code Assistance
3. Refactoring
4. Code Generation and Code completion etc.

Only word of caution is that it impacts your IDE working speed. You can notice a significant performance hit working with .NET IDE after installing resharper. But still features outweigh the performance loss !!!

1 comment:

devendersarangdevot said...

1. "SqlClient" is free one... it adds some VS 2005 templates too... m not sure more about it but looks kool to me.

2. R# is Crap. after uninstalling it all my shortcut keys in VS are disabled (eg F8, F12 etc). All refactoring it done was almost crap (other then at 1 2 places) most of it was like System namespace not required in System.String x = "111"; ) .. out of 1000+ issues it has detected only 1 2 was "inverse if condition" etc. all other were as i explained above