Wednesday, May 24, 2006

IIS 7.0 + Media Player 11 + Skype free calling

IIS 7.0 on the MSDN .NET Show
Microsoft revealed about some of the new features, which would be a part of IIS 7 release. Here is the quick summary.

As discussed in this post about IIS 6 that Microsoft has disabled most of the features by default to reduce the attack space for the vulnerabilities. So if some one is not using a feature of IIS, his application should not be a target of attack for some vulnerability in that feature. Now with IIS 7, Microsoft has extended it to next level that you will only install those many features with your IIS which you want to use. Other than this, MS is going to add logging features to help if something goes wrong. Also it would support role delegation so that Admin can delegate some user a role so that he can change some of the settings those defined by Admin.

Beta 1 for Windows Vista is already out in the market. One very important thing is.. IIS 7 is only meant for windows vista or windows longhorn server so all existing windows web server would need an upgrade to use IIS 7.

Windows Media Player 11 Beta Released
Microsoft has launched beta version for Media Player 11. I just installed it on my machine and by the first look, GUI looks pretty cool. Thought I could not manage to do a lot of RnD on the new stuff, but during installation it told about new Music Store, MS has launched like we have ITunes for Mac. You can read more about it here.

Skype Outgoing Calls to US and Canada goes free.
Skype has made outgoing calls to landline phone/ Mobile nos of US and Canada free for US and Canada customers. Its free only if source and destination of the call is both in US or Canada. But if you are skype customer from outside these counties, you will still need to buy Skype Outgoing Credits to make calls to landline/Mobile nos.

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