Sunday, November 19, 2006

When to use asp 3.0

.Net guys must have read a lot of articles explaining what all benefits you get using over asp 3.0. but today I seem to realize that there are some instances when you may feel good to use asp instead of Some of my friend, asked me to build a very very simple web application and he wanted to invest least possible amount of money. I thought, probably using asp would be a good choice to go as:

1. asp web hosting space is much cheaply available. In fact, you can get some free space to host, if you are not really concerned about domain name.

2. making changes to the application is very straight forward, just change the file and redeploy. (This point is partially correct, as you can get same thing with if you write complete code in aspx file itself without using code behind feature)

...and yes, these points only have some relevance when you have a very simple application for some kind of personal use. From organization point of view, small saving(with cheap hosting space) using asp does not really makes much sense as features obviously outweigh cost.

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Anonymous said...

if you talk about cheap space... then going to open sourcec is much better option...
php web hosting is much cheaper and php is still in use as compate to ASP