Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yahoooo vs Gmail

Yahoo has finally done some really cool things with its email interface. Its all now using AJAX giving a very fast and rich interface. Sometimes, when my system is running under load, I feel yahoo working much faster than even MS Outlook which is a desktop application. Over that keyboard shortcuts have made life really easy. Gmail had done some marvelous things when it was launched. But now I can see Gmail way behind Yahoo Interface. And funny thing is …Gmail has also come up with keyboard shortcuts but their shortcuts are like

To Send Email –> Tab + Enter

This only works if your focus on the text area containing body of the composed email.

Because Tab shifts your focus to the next control (which is Send Button) and Enter clicks the button. So if someone types “To” address after keying in whole body then he will have to click on the text area to use shortcut for sending email.

Can someone call this a shortcut J

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