Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cyber Blood Banks

Last week, one of my friend’s friend met an accident and doctors told that he is in great need of AB- blood. Being one of the rare blood groups, hospital did not have this group to be able to exchange it with another group. My friend visited local college at the place but could not locate anyone with this blood group.

We knew quite a few sites which have contact details for a host of volunteer donors. We searched and found contact details for 2 people with same blood group. Very important and amazing was the response we got from each of them. It was really great and I still feel great when I think of it.

My friend tried calling first person. This guy was in Bangalore at that time so was not able to help us immediately but he was ready to fly to our place and donate blood as soon as he could. We told him to hold for some time just to try other person’s contact. Then we called second person, he was about 150 kms away from our place and told us like “I will be there as soon as I can”. After 5-10 minutes, we thought to give him a call just to reconfirm the time when he will reach us. Till the time we called him again, he was already on his way. He reached in approx 2.5 hours and donated blood

It was really good to know that even in today’s busy world there are at least some people who are eager to help just for the sake of humanity without any personal benefit.

Here is the list of some of the sites..





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