Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Google : Big Daddy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves tracing algo used by various search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) to rank different web sites on searching for some keywords. Search engines calculate which of the sites having that particular keyword can be most useful for their user. Based upon their algo, they rank different sites and show results accordingly. It’s always been a race between search engines and third party developers working on to rank their sites at the top.

Just to share an example (which one of my friend share with me), initially Google used to take into account the number of counts of particular keyword being searched as one of the criteria to calculate rank. At that time SEO guys, what they used to do was writing some common words repetitively in the background color so that if some one search for those keywords, Search engine would find higher count of those common keywords on their sites and thus their site ranked higher. But soon Google started filtering that.

This time Google is coming up with Big Daddy, new search infrastructure. It’s in testing phase right now. But you can check your site ranking according to new infrastructure @

For more information about Big Daddy, refer to Google’s chief search engineer's blog

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