Wednesday, March 08, 2006

why .NET is platform dependent ???

I dropped a mail with some query about .net framework to one of senior guy in MS.
It goes something like this…

I got your ID from your msn blog. I had some query, so thought to drop you a mail.

Vineet, i was just wondering why MS came with .NET framework that is just architecturally platform independent not the actual implementation. Its one of the biggest disadvantage i see with .NET framework as compared to JAVA.
I agree, MS has cut development time by a great extent with .net. But don’t you think spending 20% more time (developing application in some other technology) so that your application now supports all platforms seems more lucrative n i dont think that any company who develops platform independent applications will take the pang to code framework for other platforms just to use .NET or what else is the idea behind???

I m not very sure, if you are not the right person to be asked such kind of questions.  
If this is the case, can you please provide me some contact to put these kinds of questions? Thanks in advance…

With Regards,
Sachin Kumar

waiting for reply... (even if anyone else would like to comment, u r most welcome )

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