Monday, March 13, 2006

Induslogic is kooool....

As far as carrier growth is concerned, Indus is really good. I found ample opportunities for personal growth. Company seems like believing that its growth depends upon its employee’s growth. Probably thats why we have our personal growth associated in appraisal system. Appraisal system also takes into account individual personal growth and even company is ready to pay some allowances for it which is just for our growth. I mean, its really encouraging.
Other than that, we need to attend/provide some fixed no of hours of training. All in all company believes in over all growth of its employee along with its own objectives. Other thing, which I like about the company, is its transparent policies, just like after defining goals for appraisals, its put on common repository, which is shared to all employees. In quarterly meetings, they discuss about future goals of the company. How we are heading towards these goals n wht are the areas we are lagging in.
Really KOOL.

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