Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i lov puzzles...

Though my first interest towards puzzles was for the reason that its part of some company's interview process. But now i found 'em very interesting too. Its really fun to solve logical puzzles. One fabulous link is www.techinterview.org. This has got about 90 puzzles and the most interesting thing about it is, most of them are quite logical.
Other than that..i also found George summer's book quite interesting. Also, there are some good groups if someone wants to get frequent posts of new puzzles.
Here is a cricket puzzle from one of the groups…


It is an imaginary test match. In this match Tendulkar performed exceptionally well and in the process equalled a record of a great Indian cricketer. Following are some statements of the performances of some of the Indian players in the match. From this, by logical thinking, you'll have to tell me whose record did Tendulkar equal. India also created a record of sort in this match .... but that is secondary.

1. Sehwag was out for a duck.
2. Harbhajan bowled ten overs and gave away eight runs. He hit the only six of the
match. His was among the third highest scorers.
3. Tendulkar took three wickets more than the runs scored by Pathan.
4. India was all out for 146. There was no extra. All runs came from strokes.
5. No Indian batsman could reach double figures except Tendulkar who however failed
to score a ton.
6. Dravid scored the second highest run of the Indian Innings.
7. Zahir did not take any wicket . He faced four consecutive balls, three balls from one bowler, scored in all the balls, but was out next ball of another bowler.
8. Nobody scored more than Zahir and less than Dravid.
9. One batsman was out at a score which was square root of Tendulkar’s score.
10. Pathan’s score was among the second lowests.
11. Tendulkar took three caught and bowled wickets in one over.
12. Tendulkar and Zahir are the only two batsmen to hit boundary

whose record Tendulkar equalled ?

And how much did Murali Karthik score ? How many wickets did he take ?

The match ended in a tame draw. The two teams barely finished their first innings only. Further play was not possible for rains, bad light etc.

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Praveen Kumar said...

Tendulkar equaled Kumble record – took 10 wickets

Score of Murli Kartik is 7 ( and obviously he took 0 wickets )